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Advanced Engineering


At Spire, we provide specialty structural engineering and advanced analysis solutions for greenfield and brownfield projects. We solve challenging structural problems for the energy industry in regions throughout the world providing economical solutions tailored to each individual operator’s requirements.  Our advanced engineering services include:

Storm & Earthquake Engineering


We provide advanced analysis solutions covering static, pseudo-dynamic and time-domain assessments for storm and earthquake loads.  We have extensive experience designing and analyzing fixed platforms, pipelines, subsea equipment and gravity-based structures. The types of assessments we provide include:

  • Ultimate Strength Analysis

  • Seismic Assessment

    • Extreme (strength) level earthquakes

    • Abnormal (ductility) level earthquakes

Accidental Loading


We conduct assessments on onshore and offshore structures under accidental loading scenarios to determine the structural response and appropriate design resistance to prevent failure.  The types of assessments we provide include:

  • Fire and Blast Loading

    • Blast wall design and assessment

    • Blast analysis of topsides structures and buildings

    • Topsides structure fire response assessment

    • PFP optimization studies

    • Fire risk mitigation studies

  • Ship Collision

    • Jacket structures

    • Protection frames (e.g., risers, conductors, etc.)

    • Gravity-based structures

    • LNG terminals

  • Dropped Object Analysis

Fitness-for-Service Assessments

riser ffs.png

We conduct assessments on existing structures that have experienced changes in condition or loading which may have affected their fitness-for-service.  Types of assessments we provide include:

  • Fatigue assessment

  • Corrosion modelling and strength assessment

  • Vibration assessment

  • Engineering critically assessment

  • Structural reliability and risk

Structural Design Services


We provide detailed engineering design and construction drawings for new design, retrofits and repairs. Examples of the design services we provide include:

  • New Design

    • Offshore platform deck extensions

    • Equipment skid designs

    • Blast resistant control room enclosure

  • Retrofit Design

    • Platform conductor additions

    • Production vessel relief vent frame

    • Blast wall strengthening

  • Repair Design

    • Clamps (e.g., stressed and stress-grouted)

    • Crack repairs (e.g., shear pups, T-bars, etc.)

    • Hull panel breaks



Life Extension Assessment - Compliant Tower


Seismic Assessment CGS 

iso tank pic_edited.jpg

ISO Container Assessment

boat impact pic.jpg

Boat Impact Study

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