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Integrity Management

At Spire, we understand that structural integrity management begins at design and continues through operation, life extension and decommissioning.  We assist operators make informed risk-based decisions to safely manage their facilities and reduce unexpected operating expenses throughout all phases of their facility’s life.  We have provided integrity management services on all types of structures, including fixed jackets, compliant towers, FSOs, FPSOs, FPUs, FLNGs, SPARs, TLPs, Semisubmersibles, CALM Buoys, Turrets and Mooring Systems and Marine Systems.  Our integrity management offerings include:

  • Facility Inspection Plans

  • Life Extension Services

  • Offshore Services

  • Anomaly Resolution

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Facility Inspection Plans

We develop Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) plans for fixed and floating facilities.  RBI plans serve to manage structural risk, in alignment with the operator’s corporate risk requirements, by means of inspection, monitoring and maintenance activities. These activities and their associated intervals are developed based on risk assessments conducted on the specific structure or system of interest. The completed plans contain a facility’s future surveys, inspection guidance, triggers for plan changes, plus plan review and updating processes.  The primary benefit of an RBI plan is a that it is tailored to the facility’s specific structure or system risks, resulting in a justifiable and efficient set of activities.   

Life Extension Services

We assist operators determine the technical feasibility and economic viability of offshore facilities for life extension through risk assessments and detailed analysis. Our services cover all phases of life extension from initial studies (e.g., initial feasibility and cost estimates, future reserve bookings, etc.) to life extension implementation.  We provide project management, scope development, risk assessment, strategy development, baseline inspection plans, structural analysis, execution plans, scheduling, cost estimates, Class and regulatory interface and submittals.

Offshore Services

We provide engineering oversight services for inspections and repairs of hulls and jackets (above and below water), topside structures (Level I and hurricane tie-downs), moorings, risers, and subsea systems. Oversight services include serving as the operator’s engineering representative, interface with the inspection and repair contractors as well as Class and regulatory surveyors.  Our services assist operators through all stages of an offshore inspection or repair, including development of work procedures, premobilization planning, offshore inspection and oversight, engineering support, reporting, and Class and regulatory submittals. 

Anomaly Resolution

We provide engineering evaluations of inspection results, conduct risk prioritization and develop mitigation plans or repair designs for fixed and floating facilities.  For repairs, we provide engineering and project management including interface with fabricators, offshore installation contractors, Class and regulatory bodies.  We have extensive experience providing unique mitigation and repairs options that best suit the facility’s specific features and condition, regional infrastructure and operator’s resources.

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